Couple- and



I am a bilingual German-Spanish psychotherapist and mediator. I am also fluent in English, in case you prefer speaking in English.


I studied philosophy in Freiburg, Germany, and did my formation as a psychotherapist and mediator in Hamburg.


Since April 2017 I am living in Lima, the city I grew up as a child, with my peruvian wife and our little child.


My professional tools come from Gestalt Therapy and the systemic approach.


The Gestalt Therapy has an holistic method. We will explore the cognitive, emotional and fisical quality of how you get in contact with yourself and your environment. Therefor, we will focus on your experience in the "here and now". The experiential design of Gestalt invites you to gain more awareness and to self-develop.


The systemic approach includes the social environmental and the different roles you play in the social systems: in your partnership, family, friends, work, etc.


Both methods do complement each other really well.

My terapeutic work (one-to-one / couples) can be distinguished by beeing an open process. I do not make diagnosis or predict outcomes.


When I work with intercultural couples I often use mediation as an usefull tool. In mediation we uncover the needs and interests beyond the conflict and look for a compromise on that basis. Either in my personal and in my professional experience many (intercultural) conflicts originate in missunderstandings in the hierarchy of personal values.

I also give workshops on intercultural competences.